Friday, February 15, 2008

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Library Update

In response to ejp (and also because it's such a Gunni story) here's more on the library.

They finally have the old section of the libary open (the collapsed roof is above the new section) and I went there last night to pick up some interlibrary loan materials. The two workers were also the same two who were there during the collapse, which happened about 1:30 am. The night had been pretty windy, so they were expecting snow slides.

As one of them put it, "Then we heard a really loud noise and the building shook, but I thought, 'hey, there's a lot of snow, so it's going to be loud when it slides.'"

They locked up for the night without any further investigation and went home. Wasn't until the morning that somebody looked over and noticed the collapse.

Now we have access to periodicals and ILL, but no on-campus books. The building is insured but I'm not sure how fast repairs are going to go with this much snow.

The only silver lining is that the old section of the library is really lovely and now more people will visit it.

Friday, February 8, 2008

It's all fun & games till someone loses a roof

As previously reported, we have a LOT of snow here in Gunni. In addition to 2 big storms that together total over 3 feet, we've been getting 2-3 inches every couple of dayd for the last week. This much snow is not typical - we're in a high desert here.

The facilities people have been spending a lot of time shoveling off the roofs. Guess they should have gotten to the library sooner.