Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wine scarves

This project has the advantages of being fast and using up all the scraps of yarn I've accumulated from various projects. It's a wine scarf - a little scarf you tie around your wineglass at a party to signify that it is yours. My mom saw them somewhere and wants a couple dozen.
The interesting thing about this picture is the other scrapy-type projects in the background. Going from right to left, we have the camera cozy in fabulous red acrylic, then three quilt-square trivets from Mr. PotatoHead's mom, and then two used-wine-cork trivets from my parents. On the far left there's my grandmother's knitting bag (which she may or may not have made out of scrap fabric, but I suspect she did.) And the quilt-square trivets win extra scrapiness points because the fabric was originally a gift to me from a friend who lived in Angola, which I used to wrap a Christmas present to my inlaws.
And yes, that's the Johnny's catalog there. I'm planning a garden I don't yet have.

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EJP said...

Do you know I've been collecting wine corks for years because I have every intention of making some of those wine cork trivets? I am not by nature a crafty person, but cork is not the easiest thing to grow, and I hate to throw it out.